WOLFE: Tantramar’s long winning tradition

As a football junkie, I subscribe to and visit a number of football related sites. Some are technical (you can never learn enough), some are theoretical, and some are social. All are enjoyable and usually interesting.

Recently on the USA Football blog, appeared an article titled; “In high school football, does good coaching trump talent?” I have always believed that dynamic leadership, in particular, at the high school level is central to success. Quoted in the article was, Trey Labat, a reporter for the Louisiana Advertiser; his take – “The most common denominator of success in football (and other) high school sports, is coaching”.

Undeniably, talent is huge, however my assumption is that some athletes, and some with high end potential, will be drawn toward excellent coaches and excellent programs. I thought it would be a fascinating endeavour to interview coaches from some of Canada’s most successful high school programs and attempt to learn, what it is they do to create a winning environment.

Advocating for football prospects one story at a time.

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