WOLFE: The CFL and it’s importance to high school and university football

*FIrst published on September 24th*

The survival and the relevance of the CFL have been questioned for some time, it seems like a never-ending controversy. At the best of times selling the CFL in some cities has been a real challenge. By cancelling the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 crisis, the league’s future has never been more tenuous.

No less an expert and devotee of the CFL Jim Hopson has legitimate concerns. Mr. Hopson a former Saskatchewan Roughriders President has stated – “I don’t know if the CFL can survive. The league has to come back stronger than ever – bums must be in the seats. We don’t want to become the Western Football League.”

When discussing the potential of a Western League, Hopson hits on the single greatest problem facing the CFL; that is the feasibility of the game in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. This is not new, it has been an ongoing topic, one of many years duration and one that includes differing issues in each locale.

Advocating for football prospects one story at a time.

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