WOLFE: The Extreme Challenge – Being Recruited During the Pandemic

This seems to be a natural subject for a site that specializes in the recruitment of talented high school and Cegep football players, and the right time for this information. The typical subscriber to this website either has a great interest in being recruited or they are involved in the recruitment of players.

Recruiting moratoriums declared by both the NCAA and USports has eliminated all “in-person” meetings, including campus visits, and it will likely last until the end of June, if not longer. Not being able to visit campuses is hugely problematic for both the athletes as well as the coaches.

  • For the athlete not being able to visit various schools all but eliminates the potential for interaction with the football staff, academic advisors, profs, current players etc – the visit additionally would allow the recruit to get an appreciation for the campus, athletic facilities, the town/city etc. Most importantly it minimizes the potential for the recruit to get a gut feeling for the school. In a perfect world, the recruit would want to be able to say “this feels right”.
  • For the recruiting coach, not being able to have recruits on his campus, all but eliminates the ability to sell his school and program on all or most of the points made above. Virtual tours are never as good nor are they as accurate as the real thing. Additionally, it becomes more difficult to get the true essence, the character of the young man he is recruiting.

Assuming the above to be true – what is the athlete to do? To start with – this site offers great suggestions, many of them from Clint Uttley with his regular posts titled “Recruiting Tips”. The balance of this piece is designed to help recruits get recruited in our current complicated situation.

Advocating for football prospects one story at a time.

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