#CFC50 Games of the week (West/Atlantic) PREVIEW [7]: Another wild one in AB, a charged event in SK, and anyone’s day in BC

We will be previewing the #CFC50 Games of the Week for the West and Atlantic regions. While this will be generally geared towards the #CFC50 ranked teams, we want to hear from you if there are great rivalry games or exciting matchups, regardless of tier or division, that we aren’t aware of. Send us a ‘heads up’ by Tuesday each week and we’ll see what we can do: [email protected].

*Note: Some information was not available at press time. It will be added as it becomes available.

….and now let’s get to it with this week’s #CFC50 Games of the Week PREVIEW

(feature photo courtesy: New Westminster Hyacks)


No. 1 St. Francis Browns (3-0, 1-0) v. No. 20 Henry Wise Wood Warriors (3-0, 0-1)
Friday,  Oct 21 @ 5:00 pm, Shouldice Athletic Park – Hellard Field
The second straight test for the #1 high school football team in Canada.  Despite the final score in last week’s clash with Notre Dame (43-7) is wasn’t as easy as it looked for the St. Francis Browns as they clung to a 9-7 lead at half time and were assisted by three pick-six interception touchdowns in the second half on their way to defeating the Pride.  Now comes a test of another kind as the Warriors, despite an early season exhibition loss to #2 Bev Facey, have gone on a four game undefeated tear beating Calgary Division 1/2 teams by an average score of 44-3 over that time frame.  With three spots in Provincials available to Calgary Tier I teams and with solid programs like Centennial lurking in the background, the Warriors need to see where they stack up with the likes of the Browns before looking into November.  Should be a good time on Friday.

(courtesy: Football Alberta)

No. 3 Bev Facey Falcons (6-0, 2-0) v. Paul Kane (1-5)
Friday Oct. 21 @ 5:00 pm, Riel Park Turf Field
Bev Facey is one step closer to finishing off their regular season with a perfect record. They have one more contest when they meet (1-5) Paul Kane this Friday night who has struggled all year trying to regain the status that they have been used to in recent years. With a very young team and plagued by the injury bug, PK will have its work cut out for them trying to contain #CFC100 Hubbard, but they may gain the advantage if Facey takes things too lightly and sits all their starters early in the game. We think Facey may keep them in longer than usual though, so that they can prep for the following week when they meet their best competition yet in Harry Ainlay.

No. 6 Leboldus Golden Suns (6-0, 1-0) v. TBD [playoffs round 2]
Friday, Oct. 28 @ 5:15pm, Mosaic Stadium

No. 7 Mount Douglas Rams (3-0, 3-0) v. No. 38 New Westminster Hyacks (2-1, 2-1)
Friday, Oct. 21 @ 5:00pm, Mercer Stadium
In a contest where Mt. Doug was almost unseated by the Notre Dame Jugglers this past weekend, they managed to hold on to a 28-14 win. They will have to take this game much more seriously as the Hyacks are highly motivated with their win against the Vancouver College Fighting Irish, 13-10. The Hyacks will have to come up with a game plan to get to QB Gideon Kremler who is having an outstanding season. Not to say that New West doesn’t have its own arsenal of weapons, and with a defense that is just getting better with each game, this could be another upset in the making.

No. 9 St. Paul’s Crusaders (6-0), Oak Park Raiders (4-2)
Friday, Oct. 21 @ 5:30pm, St. Paul’s
We wonder if St.Paul’s will dust off the cobwebs for this game as they have been cruising through this season and haven’t been tested since week 1. With playoffs around the corner, they will have to start to prep for Vincent Massey who they will meet shortly. Oak Park, on the other hand, could give the Crusaders the a run for their money as they have been highly competitive all season as well and have only lost to Vincent Massey and Sturgeon to this point. We think this could be a good game if Oak Park’s players run their assignments to the T and St. Paul’s falls asleep at the wheel.

No. 11 Terry Fox Ravens (4-0, 0-2) v. Mission Roadrunners (1-3)
Friday, Oct. 21 @ 5:30pm, Percy Perry Stadium
Terry Fox will end up sitting all their starters early in this game as Mission will have its hands full just trying to stay afloat. The Ravens haven’t had any trouble blowing through competition since the pre-season where they lost to Vancouver College by 1. Otherwise, this season has been a piece of cake from the start. It won’t be until playoffs that we can truly see what kind of team Terry Fox is. As for Mission, with their loss to Centennial last week, it won’t get any easier this week and they will have to dig real deep to keep this game within reason.

No. 17 Vincent Massey Trojans (5-1, 0-1) v. Sturgeon Hts. Collegiate Huskies (4-2)
Friday, Oct. 21 @ 4:00pm, Sturgeon Hts. Collegiate
In terms of standings, this game is very similar to the other Manitoba game in that both VM and St. Paul’s are similar and Sturgeon and Oak Park are similar. We would say that this game will be a closer contest than the other. Sturgeon could pull off an upset here if they stick with their system and stay focused. There won’t be any place for mental errors in this game. Vincent Massey will continue to work out the kinks and start to mentally prepare for the following week, but they have to get through this one first. Who knows, will Manitoba be the province of upsets this week?

No. 18 Harry Ainlay Titans (7-0, 1-0)
bye – Bev Facey next


No. 24 Holy Cross Crusaders (SK) (4-0, 1-0) v. No. 30 Centennial Chargers (SK) (5-0)
Thursday, Oct. 20 @ 7:30pm, Saskatoon Minor Football Field
This will be a good game to watch. Both teams are undefeated and will look to stay that way. Holy Cross is coming off their bye and should be rested and anxious to get this one under their belt. Centennial pulled off a close one last week, 14-10, against Marion Graham and will want to keep their record intact going into playoffs. We’ll be keeping our eye on this one.

No. 31 Notre Dame Pride (3-1, 0-1) v. Centennial Coyotes (3-1)
Friday,  Oct 21 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm, Shouldice Athletic Park – Hellard Field
Notre Dame is looking to regroup this week as they prepare for the Centennial Coyotes after their loss to the St. Francis Browns, 43-7. The Coyotes on the other hand are coming off another win this time against Robert Thirsk, 37-6, and have been steadily getting better with each week with their only loss being to Henry Wise Wood at the start of the season. This game could go either way, We think both teams have a good chance of coming out the victor. It should be a close one.

No. 34 L.C.I. Rams (4-0, 2-2) v. Winston Churchill
Friday, Oct. 21
The Rams should come away with a win versus Winston Churchill as we suspect that RB Tanner Sudo will continue to dominate the game and do most of the heavy lifting.

No. 36 Tantramar Regional Titans (6-0) v. Riverview (5-1)
Saturday, Oct. 22 @ 1:00pm, Riverview High School
Riverview could finally give the Titans some form of competition this weekend as Tantramar looks to remain undefeated.

No. 37 Notre Dame Jugglers (2-1, 2-1) v. Belmont Bulldogs (1-2)
Friday, Oct. 21 @ 3:00pm, Goudy Turf
The Jugglers almost pulled off the upset against No. 7 Mount Douglas this past weekend with a 14-28 loss. but that’s not to say that they won’t reset quickly and look to get back to their winning ways against the Belmont Bulldogs. ND’s QB, Steven Moretto, will have to get healthy and carry this team through to the playoffs, while the Bulldogs will just look to remain in the game and keep it as close as they can. Both teams will be looking to win this game to maintain their playoff hopes.

No. 39 Vancouver College Fighting Irish (2-2, 2-1) v. South Delta Sun Devils (2-1)
Saturday, Oct. 22 @ 1:30pm, Vancouver College
We think Vancouver College was a bit stunned in their upset loss last weekend against the New Westminster Hyacks, 10-13. Don’t think they won’t bounce back though with a vengeance. We feel a bit sorry for South Delta who is on the receiving end of that wrath, but don’t think that the Sun Devils won’t be able to handle it. Coming off of their bye, South Delta should be well rested and prepped for the Fighting Irish. We think Vancouver College will win this one, but the Devils will try their best to make that difficult.

No. 45 Cobequid Ed. Centre Cougars (5-1) v. Horton High (1-5)
Sunday, Oct. 23 @ 1:00pm, CEC
In a surprising win of 24-14 to ranked CP Allen last week, CEC finds themselves on the #CFC50 for the first time. We don’t believe that Horton will be much competition for them this week and that the Cougars will be looking to redeem their only loss against Citadel at the start of the season. We’ll probably see CEC on the list next week as well.

No. 48 Riffel Royals (4-2) v. Campbell (4-2) [playoffs Round 2]
Friday, Oct. 28 @ 7:30pm, Mosaic




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