#CFCOPC PLAYERS TO WATCH: Team West Varsity Lineman Cepecauer suits up for second time

The countdown begins to CanadaFootballChat.com’s Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC) on the April 29th weekend at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton. In the days leading up to OPC, CFC will profile the teams and players participating in the big event.

“OPC means a lot to me because it is exposing me into a different environment in football,” mentioned Team West’s Colin Cepecauer.

Colin added, “It is really opening my eyes to how hard players are working to be the next best. It means to me that I got a big challenge ahead of myself to stay on top for the game and always be ready”.

Teams that Colin has suited up for in his football career are the Halton Hills Crimson Tide (Bantam and Junior Varsity), Georgetown District High School Rebels, and the 2014 Ontario Prospect Challenge Team Halton-Peel squad.


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While he’s on the field Colin’s primary position is center, but he also fills in at right tackle or defensive nose guard.

Colin chose to be a center because he found it was always a little bit hard to play since you’re always pushed to be faster than the rest of the offensive line. Another aspect Colin liked is the control and responsibility he has as the center calling out double teams, blitz, stunts or anything that came up while focusing on a good snap and protecting the quarterback.

“I never got the same feeling of importance anywhere on the line unless I played center, so I strived to do my best as center, so whenever I step on the field I’m playing where I want, not where I was told because I was beaten out”, explained Cepecauer.

Colin Cepecauer #67

Colin Cepecauer #67

The highlight from last season was from Colin’s high school team the Georgetown District Rebels. Colin thought his team was what every team should be- a serious team but still can have a joke at the end of practice. Colin’s team had been running a joke play at the end of practices called the Ceppy special (Colin’s nickname is Ceppy). During this play the center gets the ball.

While losing to their cross town rivals the CTK Jaguars 14-0 and having time for one last play, Colin’s coach called a timeout and sent in the play. After the huddle, Colin did a shotgun snap and immediately pulled the ball to the right and started going up field where a slot back had the ball in his hands. After taking the handoff from the slot Colin ran 17 yards for his first touchdown. “Both teams were ecstatic since a lot of the Jaguars were on my summer team so everyone couldn’t believe themselves. This was my best moment of my last season and probably football to me so far,” exclaimed Colin.

Colin looks up to his summer head coach, Jim Kardash. Kardash has been coaching Colin for almost five years now and has been a leader and an inspiration to him. He’s been working with the young center from a base player learning stances to where Colin is today. Jim Kardash played for the University of Western and also suited up for the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts. Colin said, “These accomplishments that he has made inspire me to pursue football as far as possible”.


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So far the OPC has been excellent for Cepecauer. Colin was on the team last year and loved the experience he got out of it as well. This year got a lot better for him when they combined series during the tryouts. Colin has also been invited to play for Football North all from OPC.

In order to make an impact and be noticed, Colin is working out 4 times a week at his high school gym, and working hard so that he can prove himself come game day.

Colin is really looking forward to playing at the new Tim Hortons Stadium as well as playing amongst players of a higher level. Colin added, “These teams are not walk on and you are facing top players which will be great to have a challenge against other excellent players”.

When he’s at the OPC Colin hopes to get noticed more amongst top players. Colin concluded, “I hope to have a good fair game against the other team, win or lose the game, the atmosphere and the players will make the experience that much better”.

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