Game Previews (QC – Juv. 1/1b): Big implications going into weeks 4/5 for both Divisions

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This week could have implications on both the CFC50 National High School Rankings as well as the CFC25 Small School National Rankings for the RSEQ Juvenile divisions 1 and 1b, while other schools that aren’t ranked are fighting for the all-important win in hopes to stay in the playoff hunt.



CFC50 No. 9 Saint-Jean-Eudes Condors (4-0)  vs  CFC50 No. 34 É. sec. du Triolet Harfangs (3-1)

This should be a great match up, and in order for it to be that, the Condor’s defense needs to shut down Harfang’s QB Yanick Daigle. He is the only QB who has already surpassed 1000 passing yards at 1223, averaging over 300 yards a game and on track for 2700 yards. If the Condors want to remain undefeated, they need to slow him down – or simply keep him off the field and how do you do that? Well, the Condors have the talent of running back/receiver CFC100 Mathieu Roy and the power back Xavier Daigle. If they keep control of the clock, that will keep the highest productive QB off the field. If that doesn’t work, they do have the best defence in the league – only allowing 28 points over 4 games. This is a classic test of best productive offence overall vs the best defence. But we all know what wins championships.

Collège Jean-Eudes Aigles (1-3) vs CFC50 No. 21 Collège Charles-Lemoyne Dynamiques (3-1)

The Dynamiques have (and pun intended) a dynamic offence. CFC100 Kaelan Trepanier spreads the ball around his weapons, Andrei Delinois, CFC150 Kenzy Paul, and Noah Gravel. The Aigles will need to find ways on defence to shut them down. Xavier Thibaudeau will have to lead the defence limiting the big plays and force CCL to shorten their game. Aigles QB Charles Foisy, will lean heavily on his RB David Mailloux Colin in order to create those openings in a defence. Despite the Aigles being 1-3, these guys relish being the underdog. And every DOG has his day.

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É. sec. Armand-Corbeil Scorpions (1-3)  vs CFC50 No. 40 Collège Notre-Dame Cactus (2-2)

Scorpions are coming off their season’s first win and riding high along with it. Having registered 4 players with QB sacks, they really need Starter Mathew Landry to step up and play big this week. They also need the defence to find its identity. Woobens Parent and Zack Marier need to elevate the rest of the defence in order for this team to win this week and lock in the playoffs.

Cactus’ Tristan Aboud has what you want in a QB – calm. cool character, who in 91 attempted passes has only 1 INT. The run game for the Cactus is also just as solid. 4 backs on the score sheets, but CFC100 Merton Theagene leads the team with 5 TDs on the sheets. If you ignore the win/loss record, these teams are evenly matched. If the Scorpions can pull off the win, they will not only shake up the lower part of the RSEQ standings, but should lock in a playoff spot which is a solid mark in their first year in division 1.

CFC50 No. 48 É. sec. Curé-Antoine-Labelle  Les Loups (2-2) vs CFC50 No. 3 Séminaire Saint-François Blizzard (4-0)

The Blizzard’s defence has not missed a beat since last year to this year, allowing only 32 points against all season. Their offence on the other hand, has not been as productive as in the past. If Les Loups want to get the upset victory, their defence will have to win the turnover battle and catch a few scores of their own. Les Loup’s QB, Shawn Grenier, will have to be on the top of his game and chip away at the granite defense of Blizzard. Fully expect Christopher St-Hilaire and Nathan Essombia-Alex to turn up the heat and cause chaos in the backfield.

É. sec. Roger-Comtois Patriotes (0-4) vs Académie Saint-Louis Arsenal (0-4)

Battle of the basement. Neither team has had a victory this year and they need to get on that winning track if they wish to make the playoff cut. Defensively and offensively these two teams need to find the mark. At this point, they may be looking to the future and building for next year. The bottom-line? The winner has a slim chance at making the final cut, but the loss definitely doesn’t paint a pretty picture.



It seems this week in the Division 1b, it’s the top teams of the division versus the bottom teams. But that doesn’t mean it’s automatic wins this week. You should fully expect an upset or two, possibly three. YES, THREE!   

CFC25 No. 3 College Bourget Voltigeurs (3-0) VS Academie les Estacades Estacades (0-3)

The Estacades haven’t found their offensive stride yet. Shane Auger will have to step his game up and find his key receivers Bryan Ayi Ayih, and Oswald and Alexandre Bastien if they want success. Voltigeurs, despite their win last week over Laval, need to keep their foot on the gas and keep grinding. RB Jyden Josiah Theodore was held off the score board and under 100 yards last week. No big deal right? Well don’t be too sure about that. League rules in the RSEQ dictate complete film sharing – two angles wide and tight, and as the coaches say… the film never lies. Film also exposes weakness, and for the first time, the Voltigeurs may have shown a few chinks in their armour. Simon Boudreault better expect pressure and get rid of the ball quickly. This way he can keep on the stat track with receivers Felix Joly and Vincent Drolet. If, and a big if, the Estacades’ defense can keep them in check, you might just see one of the two upsets mentioned above.

E.Sec Pointe Levy Corsaires (1-2) VS CFC25 No. 6 Seminare Saint Joseph Vert Et Or (3-0)

The Green and Gold have been as consistent as always. QB Simon Brunelle has a plethora of offensive weapons to choose from – 10 to be exact – for the air attack, and just as many for the ground game. They do have their standouts; receiver Xavier Gallardetx and RB Antonin Roy, but are not stressed if these players are removed from the mix.

Corsaires are a smaller team with the numbers, but as said in previous weeks, this team has to have the biggest heart in the league. We all know the standout offensive players on this team, but let’s call a spade a spade. If the Corsaires step up on the defence, then they have a shot. Isaac Lachance and Mathys Campagna need to lead this defence and bring out that heart. If they can do that and get pressure in the Green and Gold backfield, they have a shot at pulling off the big upset win.


Poly Deux Montagnes Centurions (0-3) VS CFC25 No. 8 Ecole Sec. Saint Stanislas Patriotes (2-1)

Patriotes should hands down come out with the win this week. Their offence is explosive with Wembi Leba and Raphael Bressani. However, the defence has not been as strong as they have in the past. Last week, they were weak against the long pass and need DB Daniel Bararuhanya to tighten that down as he did not have his best game last week allowing 2 long receptions get just out of his reach and 2 TDs scored on his coverage. But be sure, the Patriotes will bring the heat with LB’s Anthony Sofio and Elliot Bujold, and DL William Gervais.

The Centurions have been playing ‘who’s the QB’ this week trying to find the right guy for the mix. It seems last week they had some success with their best offensive production of the year in QB Matis Sardinha who has been the most productive at the QB spot. The lefty came out his first week 17 for 27 and 2 TDs. Let’s just say there is hope at the end of the tunnel. Don’t expect an upset here this week. The Patriotes offence is just too explosive, forcing teams to play catch up.

CFC25 No. 19 College Laval Marauders 2-1 vs College Levis Commadeurs 1-2

This game is tighter than it looks on paper. But for the Commandeurs, it all boils down to 3 players; QB Thomas Cloutier, receiver Nathan Lacasse, and RB Olivier Boutin. If they can repeat the performance they had last week, they could pull it off. They also need the defence to tighten up and shut down Marauders’ QB Victor Charland. If they can get the pressure on him, it could give them the window. The Marauders have several offensive weapons in the air, but lack on the run game. which can make a team one dimensional. This is where the third upset could occur.

This is an exciting week in D1b and anticipation of the results are just as high, as next week when the top teams face off against each other.

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