James Peter breathes to play ball

The Ottawa Gee-Gees are getting a good one in James Peter.

The 5’10, 215-pound OLB hits like a truck and there is little no chance you’re breaking his tackle.

His accomplishments have already started to stack up, being named a three time AiA All Star, including Game MVP in his senior year. Not to mention Team MVP for his high school program, Mother Teresa. Lastly, he was awarded Defensive MVP for the Fox 40 Prospect Challenge this past year in Hamilton.

Peter says his football IQ gives him an edge.

“At my position I can see plays form before the offence has time to actually run it, and being really quick off my feet I can fire and make that play before the ball carrier even crosses the line of scrimmage.”

He wasn’t always on defense and still isn’t on occasion, and of all the defensive accolades he has garnered already don’t compare to one of his first feats.

“My most memorable football moment is by far in 2009 during my Tyke days when I scored my first touchdown as a running back, it was a big deal for me [because] it was my first one.”

Peter doesn’t have to look far or hard for a role model, his comes from the same blood.

“I model my game after my older brother, he was the one that got me into football at a young age and I look up to him [because] if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have gone this far. He always played aggressive to the ball and made sure that he was in or making every play. So I play like him, he’s my inspiration. ”

He committed to the Ottawa Gee-Gee’s and will be taking Human Kinetics program at the school.

“I’m looking forward in meeting my new family and showing them what I have to offer. My expectations¬†for myself as a freshman is to be able [to] challenge some of these 4th year players, I wanna be able to show them that I have the talent and that I have the work ethic to improve over the years and be someone they can lean on.”

It goes without saying that making an impact right away at the U Sports level is a tall order, with every freshman hungry to stand out and every returning player looking to keep their spot and show why they are there.

That is something Peter hasn’t forgotten. In fact, he is anticipating and excited for the fight.

“I believe I can adjust to the next level quite quickly if I continue to work hard on and off the field. I’m going to push myself everyday [because] there is always that other person pushing themselves just as hard and wants it as much as I do, so I have to push myself to no extent this upcoming year.”

Peter knows becoming a student-athlete is a balancing act and says he has passion for both learning off the field, as much as he loves playing football.

“I understand that football is a game and that academics are more important but I take both very seriously. Both football and my academics are just like breathing to me- it’s something I live for. ”

James Peter
5’10, 215lbs


Team(s): Mother Teresa Titans, Myers Riders
Commitment: University of Ottawa

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