Ontario Prospect Challenge Profile: LB more than an average player

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5’8”, 168 lbs

Sarnia Minor Athletic Association (SMAA)


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Joseph Rose started playing football six years ago in the lowest division of the Sarnia Minor Athletic Association (SMAA), and from the very beginning he has always been passionate about the game.

In the start, he was not very good, but he played multiple positions and never got the chance to work on one specifically.

He then found the position that suited his abilities best, linebacker.

“The position made me feel like this team was a real sport, on defence, you can’t leant it to one person, if someone does not do their job, the defence falls,” said Joseph.

Later on in his career, on of his coaches, Jamie Dekelver, let him try the full back position.

Joseph excelled here, getting 14 touchdowns and over 1,000 yards rushing, which made his six years of football all worth it since it was always a dream of his to score a touchdown.

“My goals for the Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC) are to put all my effort in to it and try to get ranked Top 100 to prove I’m not just an average football player that plats travel or house league,” commented the linebacker.

“I could really make something out of it and make my family proud,” added Joseph.

Moreover, during the offseason he does not do any particular exercises, but is always playing basketball in a league or just for fun to help with his endurance and speed.

He also does short sprints as a practice for when he needs to chase down a wide receiver or a running back.

On the field, Joseph’s idol is Barry Sanders because he was never a cocky player and never wanted to have all the attention, which is how Joseph wants to play football, with pride.

“One of the main reasons I love to play football is because it is a hard hitting game, I love hitting kids, whenever I’m angry or upset I can’t do it on the streets so it’s a chance to take out all my anger on the other kids and help our team win,” explained Joseph.

He also loves football because it is a great sport that requires teamwork and lots of effort.

“The game of football is about commitment and effort to make you and your team better as a whole,” commented Joseph.

“And I love to meet new people and work as a team, it’s awesome to have teammates that want what you want too.”

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