Ontario Prospect Challenge Profile: SB/WR looking to impress scouts

The Ontario Prospect Challenge is an elite three phase event that culminates in an all-star game in the spring of 2016.  For more information CLICK HERE.  The TRYOUT SERIES begins in October and goes until the middle of January 2016.


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Slotback, Wide Receiver

5’6”, 155 lbs

Gatineau Vikings (NCAFA)


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Matthew Lachance has six seasons of experience behind him.

He spent one year in the Montreal Regional Football League (MRFL), and the remaining five in the National Capital Amateur Football Association (NCAFA).

While in the NCAFA, the slotback/wide receiver played four seasons with the West Carleton Wolverines, and has spent one season with his current team, the Gatineau Vikings.

Moreover, Matthew competed in the 2015 Spalding cup with the MRFL All-Star team, the Monsters, and the 2015 NCAFA peewee All-Star game.

During the offseason, he trains at the Elite Performance Academy five times a week, consisting of three gym days, one position specific mechanisms night and a speed night, under the coaching of form CFL and NFL players Pat Woodcock and Donnie Ruiz.

He also trains once a week with CFL receiver Ken Evraire working on footwork and receiver drills.

“My goals this year for the Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC) is to become a better athlete and football player as well as make some memories and friends,” said Matthew. “I hope to showcase my wide receiver/slotback skills to all the coaches and all the scouts watching.”

On the field, his idol is the great Jerry Rice because he represents everything the Viking wants to be.

“To be the best, he worked his butt off his whole life, every day, and it paid off, he was the best and I want to follow in his footsteps,” explained Matthew.

Overall, Matthew is passionate about playing the sport for a few main reasons.

“I love to play football because the moment I step on a football field I feel at home,” commented the Vikings standout, “I also love the focus I have to put in to become a better player and I love watching and feeling myself grow as a person and as an athlete.”

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