OVFL GAME PREVIEW: Grenadiers continue to roll with playoffs looming

Halfway through the season, the Grenadiers continue to roll.

After suffering their first loss of the season to the Myers Riders in Week 4, the Grenadiers bounced back in convincing fashion duirng Week 5 by handing the Durham West Dolphins their fifth consecutive loss.

They regained second-place in the Wettges Conference.  More importantly, they got their swagger back.

“Coming off a loss, it’s understandable for teams to take a hit confidence wise. But our guys are tough and they were ready for a challenge,” Head Coach Mark Magee said of the team’s outlook.

And like he’s been encouraging since training camp, the team takes “one play, one game at a time.”

The silver lining from the Grenadiers’ single loss in Week 4 was clear:losing wouldn’t become a regular occurrence because losing wasn’t supported in the locker room.87d6af99-9bf8-414e-9312-476bbdbe7b41_small

When the team is winning, they are really winning. In the four games they’ve come out on top, they’ve won by an average of 21 points. And with the Riders losing last week against the Oshawa Hawkeyes (21-14), the top spot in the conference is back up for grabs and certainly attainable.

“We’re ready to go as far as we can,” said Magee, “and we’ll give it our all every week.”

The Grenadiers have been terrific on all fronts: offense, defense, special teams – you name it, they’ve excelled at it.

They are fourth in passing yardage, second in total rushing, and first in yards per punt return in the conference.

Defensively, they allow a meager seven points per game on average and lead the conference in fumbles at nine. And barring their loss to the Riders, in which JP Cimankinda rushed for 217 yards, the most yards they’ve allowed to an opposing running back has been 56.

Next week, the Grenadiers face the Metro Toronto Wildcats – a team they beat handily 41-7 in Week 2.

The Wildcats sit dead last in the OVFL in passing and receiving yards. In their first encounter, the Grenadiers let up a total of 17 yards in the air – so look for the Grenadiers to jump on the opposing quarterback early and often.

Also take note on Grenadiers’ quarterback Tanner DeJong who had his best game of the season against the Wildcats in Week 2. He finished with 239 yards, three touchdowns, and only one pick.

With top-of-conference in their headlights and playoffs on the horizon, the Grenadiers aren’t looking to stop their dominant play any time soon.

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