OVFL: Ottawa Myers Riders have their sights set high (PREVIEW)

“Our number one goal is to finish first,” The Ottawa Myers Riders have one thing in mind that’s winning and finishing first.

There coming from a second place finish in the OVFL 2012 season and want to win it all this year.

With 38 returning players, pretty much the second string and some key game day go to players will be on the roster this season. A strong offensive line with returning quarterback – Nick Gorgichuk, is going to be a strong addition to the team’s scoring. With the addition of running back Kory Morgan, the team is going to gain yards with a fast and tactical run game.

On defence, John Allarie is going to add to the well-roundness of the team. Ultimately, preventing there opponents from scoring. The Myers Riders are relying on defensive speed to tame there match ups and score more points with a commanding offence.

The Myers Riders are practicing hard and hoping it pays off, with the goal in mind of finishing first and holding that trophy. Their commitment to perfection and dedication to strong work ethic will likely pay off.

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