RB Allen-Carrothers is looking for Revenge

Austin Allen-Carrothers

SB, Safety, RB, Punter

5’8, 185lbs

Laurier Red Storm (LMFA)
London Falcons
Regina Mundi junior Mustangs
Sir Wilfrid Laurier SS




Austin A-C

Austin Allen-Carrothers’ first introduction to the gridiron was as a six-year-old while playing in the London Minor Football Association (LMFA) for the Laurier Red Storm. The class of 2017 graduate grew to love the game and has suited up for the London Falcons, and Regina Mundi junior Mustangs at every position outside of linemen. Allen-Carrothers is currently a member of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier SS football squad.


“In grade 11, I transferred high schools in London because I moved to a different area. The school I transferred to was Sir Wilfrid Laurier SS. I played wide receiver and safety, as well as held kicks for the first game and played backup quarterback.”

The 2015 season was a particularly tumultuous season for Allen-Carrothers as he suffered a life-changing injury. While in shop class, Allen-Carrothers was involved in an unfortunate freak accident that damaged three of his fingers.

“I damaged three of my fingers and as a wide receiver, your hands are the most important thing you can have. I cut off the top bone on my ring finger, skin on my middle finger and a lot in my index, causing the doctor to tell me my football season was over” he recollects.


Next came the final game of the season. After all the trials that plagued Allen-Carrothers’ 2015 season, he was able to persevere and escape as a more determined football player. Once the doctor gave him clearance, the 5’8, 185-pound athlete leaped at the opportunity. With encouragement from his teammates, Allen-Carrothers was substituted into the game and given an opportunity to contribute, and contribute he did.

“I lined up about 12 yards back at safety and they snapped the ball, I read pass so I dropped back and did my reads. We called blitz from one side, our linebacker who as the quarterback was throwing laid a nice hit making the ball float. I saw my chance, I flew underneath that ball as fast as possible, and picked off the ball. My teammates made some beautiful blocks. They were probably the best I have ever seen and knowing that I was doing this for them as they were doing it for me, I scored a 50+ yard INT TD on my first play back from and injury that I wasn’t supposed to come back from.

‘”The doctors said I might never play again and I said “wanna bet?” So now I’m looking forward to the next stages in my football career.”’

A A-C1

Through his exemplified virtue of perseverance and commitment, Allen-Carrothers has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades. From MVP awards to provincial championships, no matter where and at what position he plays at, he has been a consummate winner.

During the course of Allen-Carrothers’ football career, there have been many individuals who have played a crucial role in developing him both as a young man as well as a gridiron athlete. From his immediate family to the training staff, Allen-Carrothers values the support cast he has.

“To start off the list I am going to talk about my dad, he is a single dad who does anything to push me and make every opportunity available. Then to my grandparents who live in New York, but support me through everything. Then my two coaches, first I would like to show appreciation to JP Circelli who taught me many things and pushed me to my potential. Second coach who influenced me is Mr. Kublinkas or Coach K as everyone at Laurier calls him. Coach K supported and help guide me through everything. Lastly I would love to thank my two amazing trainers, Daryl Stephenson who is the all-time leading CIS rusher and Steve Hendriksen from Powerhouse Training Systems, who has pushed me to excel in all my weight training. These trainers are the best I’ve ever had and the progress is outstanding.”


As per the recruitment process, Allen-Carrothers has been invited to various camps and has remained in contact with some CIS coaches; however, he is keeping his options open and simply enjoying this once in a lifetime journey. The goal for Allen-Carrothers is to hopefully land with a university that suits both his needs and future endeavours.

In the meantime, Allen-Carrothers has enlisted the guidance of CIS all-time leading rusher Daryl Stephenson at Powerhouse Training Systems and Sports Science Labs to propel his game to the next level.

“At Powerhouse it consists more of weights and he hosts speed sessions on Saturdays so that we’re not just becoming workout warriors. Steve at Powerhouse pushes me to my limits and from December 2015 doing 3 reps at 225lbs to now doing around 11-13 has amazed me. My max bench went from around 245lbs to now doing 275lbs for 5 reps. At Sports Science Lab, I train with the best CIS running back ever. Daryl pushes me and helps with all my explosion. He also helps with football knowledge not just training my body. I also keep a healthy diet and usually a great night sleep.”

While the future remains unclear, Allen-Carrothers appears to trust the process and is allowing everything to play out.

“There are many different possibilities and roads that I can take, I just need to find the right match for myself as well as a good school to pursue my education.”

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