WOLFE: Is more football better for the game?

During the span of a 48 year coaching gig, I have seen many changes, most that benefit  the game of football. The one development that I find troubling; players seem to have far more opportunities to practice and play the game, than was the case years ago.

On first appearance, that might be seen as a positive occurrence; what can be wrong with athletes progressing in their sport of choice? When I started coaching, the season started mid August and ended early to late November, contingent on how far the team advanced in conference, provincial or national playoffs. Today, in what used to be “the off-season”, a high school player will have a myriad of options to extend his/her football growth.

The following are some of the football activities occurring during the non football season; football clinics, football camps, football schools, identification camps, provincial tryouts, all star games, spring camps, summer leagues, interprovincial games, intraprovincial games and the list seems to grow each year.

Advocating for football prospects one story at a time.

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