#CFC50 High School Rankings (3): Ontario joins the game, New Brunswick changes guard, upset in New West

For the fifth year in a row Canadafootballchat.com (CFC) is pleased to bring you the national high school football rankings known as the #CFC50. This past week, about half of Ontario high school football started the regular season.  There is a changing of the guard in New Brunswick as the Fredericton Black Kats were defeated for the first time since September 7th, 2012.  Furthermore, the New Westminster, Hyacks led by #CFC100 play-maker Matt Seymour, upset WJ Mouat Hawks in a CFC Game of the Week 30-14.


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How is the #CFC50 evaluated?

The #CFC50 is a relative ranking that considers top tier leagues (listed below) from all eight high school playing provinces (minimum one team represented from each province).  The CFC Scouting Bureau consists of twenty-four CFC Reporters, CFC Scouts, and also selected local reporters and scouts who submit local ranking results on a weekly basis.  This is the fifth year that Canadafootballchat.com has ranked the top high school teams in Canada.

Leagues included in rankings: British Columbia AAA Varsity, Alberta Tier One, Saskatchewan 12-man 4A, Manitoba AAA Varsity, Ontario OFSAA Bowl qualified teams, Quebec Juvenile Division 1, New Brunswick 12-man, Nova Scotia Tier 1

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