#CFC50 High School Rankings (14): Embarrassing brawls, Remember the Titans, BC upset

For the fifth year in a row, Canadafootballchat.com (CFC) is pleased to bring you the national high school football rankings known as the #CFC50.

Two bench clearing brawls marred another wise solid OFSAA Bowl festivals.  Fighting in football is not tough it is stupid…and can all you stupid people leave the sport please.

South Delta Sun Devils may have the upset of the year under their belts as they defeated the previously undefeated and previous CFC #2 Terry Fox Ravens.  In their first season in the top tier in BC the Sun Devils will face the three-time defending champion Mount Douglas Rams this Saturday in the British Columbia AAA finals.  And thus will end the 2014 high school football season.

Remember these Titans, the Holy Trinity Titans.  Their play throughout the year and in this playoff run has forced CFC to rank them as the #1 team in Ontario.  Herman did not do anything to deserve to come second, but the Titans did what they had to do to deserve #1.



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How is the #CFC50 evaluated?

The #CFC50 is a relative ranking that considers top tier leagues (listed below) from all eight high school playing provinces (minimum one team represented from each province).  The CFC Scouting Bureau consists of twenty-four CFC Reporters, CFC Scouts, and also selected local reporters and scouts who submit local ranking results on a weekly basis.  This is the fifth year that Canadafootballchat.com has ranked the top high school teams in Canada.

Leagues included in rankings: British Columbia AAA Varsity, Alberta Tier One, Saskatchewan 12-man 4A, Manitoba AAA Varsity, Ontario OFSAA Bowl qualified teams, Quebec Juvenile Division 1, New Brunswick 12-man, Nova Scotia Tier 1

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