Here’s Why You Should Start Watching Canadian Football 

Canadians, just like many other countries, love to engage in sports, football included. Even though their football has different gameplay and feels all over, it still offers fun and thrilling experiences to its fans worldwide. Today’s Canadian football is a result of years of gradual evolution for the Canadian Football League and football in general.  

Are you looking for reasons to convince you to start watching Canadian football? Below are some of the many reasons to watch the sport.  

The sport has the best fans 

Once you start following Canadian football, one thing that will surprise you the most is the fans. The league has some of the most exciting, strange, and lively batches of fans that you will ever come across. They wear costumes, wigs, carry items, rock jerseys, and cheer for their teams throughout the match. Take, for example, the Saskatchewan Roughriders fans. You will see them in games wearing green wigs, the club’s jerseys, and cheer at the top of their voices. They even supplement it with watermelons on their heads and cowboy hats made of beer boxes.  

Another thing about their fans is their love and devotion towards their teams. Take the Rider fans, for example. They follow their team to different stadiums, no matter where they are playing. The energy and cheerfulness brought by these fans are unmatched.  

You can make money out of it 

Watching and following Canadian football does not only benefit you through the fun; you can also make money from it. There are numerous Canadian legal sports betting sites where you can bet on the teams you think will win and make money if your predictions come to pass. Following the leave closely will give you an upper hand when betting; you will know the different teams’ strengths, those in form, and those that might not perform at their very best.  

There are numerous platforms for you to bet in many make extra money from a sport you love. More9ber, you can utilize the knowledge of the tons of pundits that analyze the sports week in week out to your advantage.  

The game brims with former college talent 

If you had been following college Canadian football games, you might have the chance to see some of the best footballing talents that used to play. In fact, you might even see some of your favorite players from the past lying their trade in professional Canadian football’s best teams.  

Yes, some of the best talents in college football make it to the NFL. However, the competition is stiff in these leagues, and most of them end up playing in the Canadian league and succeeding in it.  

The length of every season 

It is common for every football fan to feel sad whenever a season ends. With Canadian football, the season runs for a long time, guaranteeing you unmatched and thrilling experiences. Every team plays eighteen games every season. Better still, there are two additional preseason games and playoffs for the Grey cup.  


Canadian football is an exciting sport for any sports lover to follow. You will love it! 

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