The CFL’s Greatest Memories 

While the CFL may not be the most popular football league in the world, for Canadians, it’s our baby. For over 60 years we have loved it, hated it and supported it like true Canucks should. But what have been the highlights over the last 60 years, the best players and the most memorable moments? 

 With many top stories over the years, the CFL has really kept us on the edge of our seats. There’s not many that can provide such enjoyment from the comfort of our homes, like a $5 minimum deposit casino as found on CasinoPilot, for example. And whilst nothing makes football more exciting than a wee flutter, we’ve counted down our best memories from the last 60 years. 

The Best Signing 

In 1991, the Argonauts pulled the carpet from underneath the NFL when team owners John Candy, Wayne Gretzky and Bruce McNall nabbed Raghib Ismail. The noted wide receiver from Notre Dame was reported to be the NFL’s top pick for the draft at the time and the $18m that the Argos’ managed to conjure for him was enough to secure his services for the next four years. 

 It would be the last time that the CFL was able to steal away such talent from their American counterparts, and a great day for Canadians everywhere. Not only did Ismail go on to help Toronto take the Grey Cup that year, he was named MVP of the final as they took victory over the Stampeders 36-21. Ismail was back down south two years later but we’ll never forget the Argo’s getting one over the NFL that one time. 

 The Passaglia Perfection 

The failed attempt to combine a little American involvement with the CFL saw the first foreign team to make the Grey Cup back in 1994. The Baltimore Stallions were ruthless and were the favorites to take out their inaugural victory for the 82nd Cup but no one told Lui Passaglia and the Lions. 

 In front of over 55,000 of their hometown fans, the Lions hold their own against the tougher Stallions pack and subsequently, they also held the score to 23 a piece in the final minutes of the game. With time all but up on the clock, the Lions made a decent drive and secured some good field procession. As Passaglia stepped up and slotted the forthcoming 38-yard field goal, not only did he have the hearts of all Canucks, but also the Grey Cup MVP. 

 Although the Stallions would go on to take the cup the following year, Passaglia was a national hero for depriving the Yanks of our football heritage and sending them back across the border empty handed. 

 The CFL’s G.O.A.T 

Many stars have graced the CFL over the years, but none shown brighter than Doug Flutie back in the 90’s. In just 8 seasons in the CFL, he managed to obtain multiple records, won the Grey Cup three times and was the first non-Canadian to be abducted into the CFL Hall of Fame. 

 His second season with the Lions saw him throw 6,619 yards which is still a record to this day. In 1994 he threw 48 touchdown passes for the Stampeders, as well as helping them win the Grey Cup two years previously. He was awarded the Grey Cup MVP three times and is also the recipient of the CFL’s Most Outstanding Player a record 6 times. The only player in professional football history to twice throw more than 6,000 yards in a season is the greatest player the CFL ever had the privilege to host. 

 The Perfect Season 

Whilst many would argue that the 1948 Stampeders were the best team ever, we prefer to stick to them having the best season ever. Being the only team to complete a perfect season of 12-0, the Calgarians made history that is still kept to this day. 

 So why not call them the greatest team ever? It’s not always about the winnings and the fact they won five of their regular seasons games by a single score (with 3 being by one point) shows they needed a little of lady luck to pull through. They scraped through the play-offs against Regina before defeating Ottawa in the Grey Cup from a Rough Riders error that saw the score hit 12-7.  

 Let’s agree to the perfect season and leave the greatest team ever debate for another day, shall we? 

 Greatest Game 

There has been some classics over the seasons; The Snow Bowl, the Fumble, 2016’s Hank finale. But for us, 1989 was the year our favourite game was played. It was the 77th Grey Cup and the Roughriders and Tiger-Cats certainly put on a show. 

 The highest scoring Grey Cup in history was written off as a David vs Goliath match with Saskatchewan just scraping into the post-season and Hamilton looking to top their three consecutive Grey Cups in the mid 80’s.  

 Hamilton had a 12-point lead and were looking mean at the end of the first. Trading touchdowns and field goals, the Roughriders refused to give up and fought hard to stay in the fight. Being down the majority of the game, Saskatchewan made amends in the third quarter, finally taking the lead late in the third before Hamilton clawed their way back in the fourth to level the scores in the last minute of regular play. 

 With the scores locked at 40 a piece in the most exciting 60 minutes of football we have ever witnessed, Tiger-Cats hearts were broken with 3 seconds left on the clock. Dave Ridgeway had secured only the second ever Grey Cup for the Roughriders with a 26-yard field goal that will be forever known as “the kick”. The 23-year curse had been broken and although the championship run had nearly bankrupted the club, the fans were forever grateful. 

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