Top Canadian Football Players Who Excelled in Other Fields 

Today, it’s pretty common to see people changing their jobs. We can constantly witness new or younger generations taking on out-of-the-box professions. With the emerging gambling industry, many individuals go for the canadian online casino real money. Others suddenly decide to leave their 9-5 jobs and take on more entrepreneurial or exciting careers.  

There are many reasons why one would leave his/her job. Some find their job too dull, so they go in the opposite direction. Most of all, individuals change their lifestyles to pursue their passion. But what if the opposite happens?  

Over the years, we have also witnessed many sports stars leaving their top-rated careers. Does one get bored of all their life has to offer, or is there an alternative agenda? We’re here to deliver the stories of five top Canadian football players who changed their field, so it’s up to you to decide.  

Brandon Bridge  

Brandon Colin Bridge, also known as Air Canada, has been playing football since college. Over the years, he was a Montreal Alouettes, Saskatchewan Roughriders, and BC Lions member. Bridge is undoubtedly one of the former professional Canadian football quarterbacks that left something behind him, a legacy for which people will remember him for generations. 

Brandon was the first Canadian quarterback to play the field for five consecutive years. He was also the first Canadian pivot to achieve three touchdown passes in one game since 1984. Lastly, he was the first Canadian passer to playoff start in 2018, which hasn’t occurred in 34 years.  

Still, Bridge didn’t receive an offer he found satisfactory after the 2019 CFL season. So, he decided to leave his playing career. Brandon swapped his shoulder pads for a badge. He became a police officer in the Peel Region, near Toronto.  

In addition, Bridge announced that he wants to “open up doors for the younger generation who are Canadians who want to play quarterback. 

Jon Cornish 

Jon Cornish is another example on our list. He is a former Canadian football running back. He started his sports career at college and has played nine seasons with the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League (CFL). 

Over the years, Cornish has broken his own record with 1,457 yards. He was also drafted 13th overall in the 2006 CFL Draft. Jon earned 2011’s Calgary Booster Club Male Athlete of the Year award and a CFL West All-star selection, along with 2012 Most Outstanding Canadian, and many others. 

Unlike Bridge, Cornish was holding his banking career as an offseason job for years. During the season, he had two six-hour bank shifts. Then, for seven months, offseason, he worked regular shifts four-five days per week.  

When asked about his banking job, on one occasion, Cornish said, “It’s a way I can get jumpstarted on my post-playing career.” But that certainly didn’t stop him from making history in football.  

Andy Fantuz 

Another former CFL player, Andy Fantuz, has also made a remarkable change on his career path. Most probably, you recognize him as a Saskatchewan Roughriders, Chicago Bears, or Hamilton Tiger-Cats member. He was also named CFL’s Most Outstanding Canadian Player in 2010 

On one occasion, Fantuz announced“Throughout my football career, I had the privilege to mentor and coach a lot of youth in the cities I resided in, both in athletics and in life skills, nutrition, and education. With this statement, we can better understand the reason behind his new job choice. 

Today, Andy is the owner of the Scholars Education center. He helps children improve their mathematics, science, and other similar skills. According to him, the COVID-19 has set an environment where students need support more than ever before.  

The crisis has significantly stressed all students and their families. So, it’s essential to prevent them from falling behind. Currently, the school provides tutoring services to 20 students by ten teachers and is expected to develop in the future further. 

Étienne Boulay 

Another CFL, Étienne Boulayhas won the 100th Grey Cup championship while playing for the Toronto Argonauts and two Grey Cup championships with the Montreal Alouettes. What’s more, he was drafted 16th overall by the Alouettes in the 2006 CFL Draft, together with Jon Cornish. 

However, Boulay admitted to not being sober during the peak of his career. In turn, this made him take a different path in life. Once he left the football career, he got sober from cocaine and became a TV celebrity. His business partner, Jonathan Robin, has spotted the potential in Boulay. At the time, Jonathan was in the real estate industry.  

A few years later, the two are the owners of a brand for alcohol-free, low-sugar, and low-carbohydrate beverages. Their soda is an excellent alternative for alcohol, as it strongly resembles it. The drink also removes all adverse effects of consumption, such as a hangover the following day. 

Christopher Milo 

Last on our list is Christopher Milo, with another unique story to tell. He has played seven seasons in the Canadian Football League and won the Vanier Cup twice. Unlike any of the previous football players, Milo took a three-year break after retirement. His reason behind this action is that he was willing to find something he was passionate about instead of wasting his years on a pointless job. 

Christopher chose to be a bus driver, as this job position gives him the option to talk to people and drive them to their workplace. At the moment, he cannot fully enjoy it due to COVID-19. However, we hope that things get better for him soon. 

But that’s not the whole story about Milo. He also became a coach to remain as close as possible to football. Apparently, he loved his job, but playing is a finished chapter of his life.  

Final Thought 

Professional Canadian football players decide to change their jobs for many different reasons. Where one felt a need to leave the profession, others made everything possible to remain in the niche. Some of the players had to leave the football profession, as it negatively affected their lives. Finally, there were the ones looking for a safer alternative, one that is convenient for the long-term. Nonetheless, we appreciate all these sports legends and the legacy they left behind. 

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